Project: "Origin of Thoughts"
Company:CL3 Architects Limited
Designer(s): CL3 ARCHITECTS LTD., Hong Kong
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: The exhibition features a 40 years career of a Chinese architect through his drawings, studies, sketchbooks, and his art, furniture and antique collections of things that has inspired him. Dividend in 3 parts, the drawings and smaller items are layout on 12 plywood tables, the inspirational collections are in a long “runway”, and 100 paintings instrumental for his thinking process were suspended with a cable system to form a 16 feet wall tall, 23 feet diameter cylindrical enclosure with a Chinese lantern as it’s highlight. Only raw plywood is used for all furniture, and wet market lamps for lighting of the tables. An Asian esthetics reveals the spirit of the architect’s inspirations.

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