Project: "Murano at Portofino"
Company:KIS Interior Design, Inc
Designer(s): KIS Interior Design By: Guimar Urbina, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: In an impressive three-month span, a luxury apartment overlooking one of Miamiís most famous skylines was turned into a grandiose residence. Before and after images say it all; walls were demolished, floors were lifted, and reflective ceiling plans were completely repositioned for optimization. High-end wall coverings from the Wallpaper Company added discernible richness to surfaces and furnishings were selected with maximum precision and taste. The mission of the renovation was to maximize functionality of each space with open floor plans, innovative solutions, and improved aesthetics with strategic architectural details and refreshing color palettes. Selection and pairing of materials was on the top of the priorities list. The living space, along with the rest of the apartment, fuses wood, glass, and leathers to achieve a balance between comfort and modernity fit for the needs of the client.

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