Project: "Golden Harvest Whampoa Cinema"
Company:ARTTA Concept Studio
Designer(s): ARTTA Concept Studio, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Our design strategy was to use the space and make the customers feel as though they are in a film set by bringing in characteristics of a film production studio inside the cinema, repackaging what a film studio looks like. The main feature that creates this cinematic atmosphere is the triangle metal bars on the ceiling in the lobby and gourmet concierge. Furthermore adding gigantic spotlights onto the bars really highlight that filmmaking setting. The lobby, box office and reception area uses grand materials of glass, wood and industrial features to create an elegant and luxurious feeling as the customers enter the houses.

About the Designer/Company
ARTTA CONCEPT STUDIO LTD based in Hong Kong, Artta Concept Studio was established in 2010 as a result of the Founder Arthur Tang’s ambition to create a multidisciplinary practice encompassing interior design, architecture and spatial management. At Artta Concept Studio, we are a team of young and passionate talents offering professional services by starting every project with a thorough understanding of its market strategy. The team then works out a branding system applied on the best design solution incorporating innovative ideas with the client’s vision, and most importantly, to help the project achieving its commercial success.