Project: "Maurice"
Designer(s): Studio Red Aaron Neuhauser, United States
Category: Industrial and Life Science Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Maurice provides reproducible, quantitative analysis of profiles for biopharmaceuticals at speeds significantly faster than any others providing all data within an hour. Designed with interchangeable cartridges, switching between applications is simplified to new levels. In addition to maintaining the significant performance requirements of access and the optical system, the goal was to create a product with a personality. Mauriceís personality is fun, fresh, and personal, in a uniquely branded user experience with a lively interaction between the user, the disposable cartridge and the system. In other words, when opening the door and correctly installing the cartridge, the cartridge, theater wall and environment show itís alive and well. This design language was developed to carry forward a design language created by Studio RED with the offering of Wes. Big brother, Maruice expands market applications, new consumable test cartridges and a newly applied language to the system enclosure and theater.

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