Project: "Anova Jet"
Company:Invinite Design Limited
Designer(s): Invinite Design Limited, Theo Wong, Hong Kong
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: Simple Sophistication Ultra slim, lightweight and compact, encased in anti-scratch carbon fiber with aluminum casing, 9.1mm Anova Jet pocket power is luxuriously crafted to slip seamlessly into your lifestyle. Miniature but Mighty 4 layers PCB for heat dissipation efficiently. Dedicated charging port controllers for both iOS and Android, and microcontrollers designed to optimize current in/output across different devices. Shortcut to Power Anova Jetís simplicity is its patented micro-charge OTG cable, identically sized for iOS and Android. The 24 AWG copper wiring inside maximizes efficiency. When youíre done, the cable can slot easily into the main body. More importantly, OTG cable can turn any micro-usb devices into power sources.

About the Designer/Company
INVINITE is a Hong Kong based design team comprising young and brilliant designers, that provides services of both product and graphic design.