Project: "CJF Showroom"
Company:PANORAMA International Ltd
Designer(s): Horace Pan, Vivian Chan, Paco Wang, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: “Chang Jiang” is one of the sources of the Chinese nation and the “Chang Jiang Furniture” in Shanghai is the showroom displaying it’s most update office furniture items. The interior design of this showroom is a combination of flexible layout with multi-media in its planning strategy to create a flagship emporium with gallery experience. The facade of the shop is covered with signboard of abbreviation of laser-cut English character of “CJF” made of golden champagne steel & lighted by golden lamplight that makes it shine. The interior is a design of the abstraction of the layout of the Chang Jiang river basin. Thus provides multiple angles and different levels of sight experience for visitors. This design makes the hall a unified, brief & harmonized multi-function show center.

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