Project: "Dikakeen "
Company:Lines Design Creation and Consultancy
Designer(s): Lines Design Creation and Consultancy , Kuwait
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Entry Description: Dikakeen is a colloquial word that is used to describe many kiosks. This is a part of the tapestry of Kuwaiti culture that sparked the first businesses in the historic Souq Al Mubarakiya. The traditional Dikan is a place where the seller showcases their hand made items, medicinal oils, toys as well as fruits and vegetables. Generations gather to carry on their family trade in local traditional souks as it once was the center of life of a bygone era. The interiors and branding of the project merged vintage Arabic and Western designs as well as materials to maintain the authenticity of the souq in a contemporary setting. In love with tradition and European open markets, it was the client’s long time dream to bring those two elements together in an arcade. The main attraction of the space would showcase live cooking by Kuwaiti chefs with their take on local dishes.

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