Project: "SNF+ Spyker Trivet"
Company:shakes bkk
Designer(s): Jonathan Lo Prompong Hakk Surakead Hemwimon, Thailand
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Spyker is a practical and beautiful trivet inspired by its namesake propeller. Paying homage to the propeller designs of vintage airplanes the Spyker trivet combines classic lines with contemporary materials. The stainless steel ring adds a subtle touch of class to the discreet design and comfortably fits into both modern and traditional homes. The functional design features a fingertip duct which allows the user to quickly open the trivet even while wearing oven gloves. When not in use this trivet loves resting in any kitchen drawer, standing up in a jar or hang suspend from a kitchen hook. The SNF+ brand focusses on good Design and smart products for the modern home. SNF+ creates innovative ideas and Designs in cutlery, food serving and kitchen utensils. It is part of the WIKO Cutlery umbrella with a history dating back to 1780 Solingen, Germany.

About the Designer/Company
At shakes we believe that good Design is an inspiring medium to create beautiful user experiences that connect innovative functionality with emotional form and open the doors to users' heart. True to our name we like ideas that have the ability to disrupt the way that we have thought and limited ourselves. If we get a chance to do some differently then we work to see it come to life despite the obstacles that are instantly visible. Nothing in this world is consistent except change and we believe that we as mankind have proven over and over that we are capable of so much more than we let ourselves believe. It's simply in the drive to push through the limits of our imagination and that's what our Designers at shakes are inspired to do, to create a really great experience.