Project: "Electron"
Company:Karice Enterprises Ltd.
Designer(s): "Maurice L. Dery, Jordan N. Dery, Karice Enterprises Ltd.", Canada
Category: Illumination, Professional
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Entry Description: Reflecting the image and nature of its namesake, the award-winning Electron wall sconce luminaire represents the circular path of an electron around the nucleus of an atom. The aesthetic is minimalistic, while masking a highly innovative creation below the surface. Made with aluminum and acrylic, the Electron’s irreducibly complex engineering hides all fasteners and wiring, and maintains the ring’s suspended independence without compromising beauty or functionality. Using dimmable energy-efficient LED technology, it illuminates from its inner and outer edges without shadowing. A custom user-friendly adapter plate mounts the fixture to ensure easy, efficient, headache- free installation. Preliminary designs and prototypes began in October 2015, with the final prototype completed in December 2015. All design, development, and manufacturing took place at Karice Enterprises in Surrey, BC, Canada.

About the Designer/Company
BIOGRAPHY Philosophy Maurice Dery believes aesthetic beauty is the by-product of intelligent design. Following a minimalist, irreducibly complex approach, he strives to refine his products to be as simple and efficient as possible. This philosophy is what Maurice has aimed to achieve in the submitted projects. Each piece follows his passion for doing the seemingly “impossible”, and reflects a creative, practical solution to a complicated design challenge. Background Born and raised in Edmonton, Maurice’s family roots in Canada can be traced back to 1679. As a teenager, Maurice designed and built his own hydroplane boat, and has continued experimenting with new ideas ever since. He has two Red Seal trade tickets – ironworker and machinist – and leads his team with an appreciation for collaborative workmanship. This team spirit is best exemplified in the recent launch of the Electron wall sconce – an innovative interior luminaire co-designed and developed by Maurice and his son, Jordan. Since 1993, Maurice has been designing, developing, and manufacturing custom metalwork and custom lighting through his company, Karice Enterprises Ltd., in Surrey, BC. Vision Maurice likes to create cool stuff! Bringing ideas to life is what it is all about. The joy is in crafting original pieces, and sharing them with the world.