Project: "TAVAT SoupCan"
Company:TAVAT Eyewear Srl
Designer(s): Norman Schureman, Ian Jeremy Baines, Romano Fontana, Gigi da Rin, Rob da Rin, Roberta Baines , Italy
Category: Accessory, Professional
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Entry Description: TAVAT SoupCan: An Innovative Design with New Construction TAVAT introduces a new way of manufacturing eyewear using several hand-made components brought together in a "sandwich" assembly method. This achieves a unique, industrial yet fashionable-forward look.

About the Designer/Company
American Design Combined with the Ingenuity of Artisan Craftsmanship. "Few have the humility to look to the past and study what has already been done, but there isn’t modernity, knowledge and creativity without tradition." This is the true spirit of TAVAT, a company that joins performance and design with great respect for tradition. Eyewear crafted by artisans while incorporating modern materials and timeless design. Our creative heart is set in the hills of Pasadena, CA. while our skilled optical craftsmen create in the foothills of the Dolomites in Northern Italy.