Project: "Indigo Slam"
Company:Smart Design Studio
Designer(s): Nicole Leuning James Ho Luke Moloney, Australia
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Indigo Slam transforms a former warehouse site in Sydney’s Chippendale into an inspiring residence for an art collector. Behind a façade of sculpted concrete, serene living spaces and monumental halls create a dynamic interplay of spare interiors in which the main decorative element is light. The house has been approached as a piece of sculpture to be lived in. The generous entry vestibule compresses to a low corridor before opening to a cavernous stair hall lit from above. As a counterpoint the living areas are informal and intimate. Finishes are modest and pared-back, floors are brick paved, walls are set render and fittings are simple. Energy use is minimised via geothermal heating and cooling and photovoltaic cells populate the roof. Indigo Slam represents a rare opportunity to add a large residence of architectural merit to a diverse neighbourhood, participating in its reinvention as one of Sydney’s artistic and cultural hubs.

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