Project: "Origami-Space Definition"
Company:KLID ( Kris Lin International Design)
Designer(s): KLID (Kris Lin International Design), China
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Throughout the design, we apply a new layout idea that runs through the whole series from all the different spaces,while defines the spaces,to achieve the beauty of the overall shape. 1. The definition of space: Firstly,origami encloses a lobby space; then use valley once to surround an auditorium,which will make it looks like an egg.Meanwhile,along the direction of origami, skillfully positioned out a sale control reception by using the valley,an then followed by a sand table through spatial rotation and reception hall through lines rolling……The jagged shape of origami (on the ground - wall - top - floor - wall) is well-spaced placed in the square glass box with different regions . 2. Space Sculpture overall aesthetic: Watching the interior from the outside of HD transparent glass box,you will find a giant sculpture craft formed by well-spaced functional area modules in the box.A kind of visual beauty comes from the scattered distribution and smooth convergence.

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