Project: "Ferrano BlendExpress personal blender"
Company:Studio CQ
Designer(s): Philippe Holthuizen and Studio CQ, Singapore
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Ferrano’s design approach for this compact personal blender, the BlendExpress, reflects the brand’s three pillars of function, form and heritage. In the realm of function, a pulse mode extends the machine’s range, while suction cup feet provide stability and reduce vibration. The smooth surfaces of the BlendExpress make it not just attractive, but also easy to wipe down after use. Considerations of form led to the adoption of higher- quality moulds for the body. The resulting design features smooth surfaces and round, elegant curves with a slim profile to comfortably fit in cozy kitchens. In a nod to heritage, Ferrano avoided using coloured plastic that is sadly ubiquitous in today’s household appliances. Instead, we opted for a classic painted finish using high-quality gloss paint. The interplay of function, form and heritage culminated in a BlendExpress design shaped by consumer considerations.

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