Project: "Wool Yarn"
Company:KLID ( Kris Lin International Design)
Designer(s): KLID (Kris Lin International Design), China
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This project is a home sales center. It has two floors. The first floor is mainly used for model display and sales negotiation. On the second floor, there are show flat, vip room and offices. Originally, this building is a rectangular box. [Order & Placement] ORDER On the first floor, we need to create many functional spaces: lobby, reception, waiting area, brand display area, model demonstration area, bar and negotiation area. To realize this, Mies van der Rohe’s minimalism concept is applied --- we adopted vertical and horizontal walls to create these functional areas, making the layout of this floor very clear and in good order. Placement --- Wool Yarn Compared with the simple walls, a conceptual stairs is placed, which is designed with wool yarn concept. The white lines represent the wool yarn revolving around the stairs. And finally, the stairs itself is a sculpture.

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