Project: "??? Rong Ding Xuan Rebranding"
Company:United Design Practice
Designer(s): Gao Yang, Zhu Yu, China
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Traditional craftsmanship is at heart more sustainable and run counter to planned obsolescence of modern day mass consumption products. This pursuit of excellence in craftsmanship and honesty in treatment of materials is what we sought to express in our design. It is with this deep sense of respect that we set out this rebranding exercise. Subtlety in expression, a graceful elegance that is reserved and confident. Semiotically, we positioned their brand in the middle between ultra conservative redwood industry and uber design oriented modern chinese furniture brands. Grounded in history and traditional crafts but forward looking and open. Finding an appropriate way to visually communicate their products is core to this project. We borrowed photographic styles from prestige watch and car visuals to convey the premium nature of their products. The sharp highlights against a dark background showcase the beautiful lines and surface gloss of the furniture.

About the Designer/Company
We are a cross-disciplinary design agency focussed on creating seamless design solutions for our clients. Behind every design brief is a business challenge. We investigate into the very nature of the challenge, analyze the competitive landscape and best-in-class precedents, before disrupting the norm with design solutions across relevant touchpoints. From the intangible to the tangible. From the very small to the very big. Branding, interior, architecture, masterplanning, landscaping, marketing communication, PR event, exhibition; jobs we've been hired to do but the end solutions are much less defined and more effective.