Project: "Design Director"
Designer(s): DESIGN APARTMENT Chung-Han, Tang, Taiwan
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Two independent dental clinics are separated in a vertical three-storey space. Each clinic needs their own independent entrance, yet also needs maintain the flexible circulation for logistics. Therefore, regarding the spatial circulation design, we introduced the flowing image as circulation guidance. To separate the different diagnosis projects and customers within the clinics in this vertical space, we utilized our theme, Curvature / Dimension and Extension, to separate them into different layers of segment atmospheres by using volume mass ranging from simple ones to complicated ones and materials ranging from light ones to dark ones, creating an unprecedented dental space experience. Curvature Transformed from human body images. Hoping to bring organic, living and circulating images into space. Dimension With the meaning of layer, we hope to present natural layers within space series and volume mass molding. Extension By inserting functional spaces in long lineal spaces to compress the corridor.

About the Designer/Company
Our design comes from the enthusiasm toward life Vital, simple, Asian In our series project, It strongly reveals the color of the area, merging them into the concept of interior architecture. Emotions expressed through the material. Time recorded by the shades. Born in Asia, initiated from the East. Tell the story of space with the most profound humanities.