Project: "Zen Sushi Restaurant"
Designer(s): Carlo Berarducci Architecture, Italy
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Entry Description: The project is thought as a process, or "architectural promenade", inspired by the walkways in the forest which lead to the temples of Fushimi Inari in Kyoto, of which reproduces colors and suggestions. The dynamism of the kaiten, the peculiar revolving tape carrying on sushi on coloured plates, suggested to emphasize the dynamic dimension of the space with straights lines of ceilings and the rhythm of black and red close vertical elements calling back those of Fushimi Inari. The design challenge was to create a Japanese feeling in a contemporary way, recalling some of the most impressive memories of Japan, avoiding a mere imitation or reproduction of them, but rather trying to catch their essence, the contrast of matte black and glossy red-orange, the obsessive repetition, the dynamic experience to reach the temples, together with the ultraglossy lacquered surfaces and the rice parer lights of Japanese craft tradition.

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