Project: "JACOB JENSEN Smart Bracelet"
Company:Jacob Jensen Design
Designer(s): Co-Design Sebastian Maleville and Doris Wang, Jacob Jensen Design team, Denmark
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: Smart watches, ?tness bands and intelligent headsets are all accessories that many people now use to make their everyday lives smarter. The Halo Smart Bracelet is a fashionable bracelet, that connects with a smartphone and provides gesture recognition technology including emergency safety positioning for women. Jacob Jensen Design set out to create a different wearable, where the smart functionality was integrated in the design to such a degree that it resembled a stylish piece of jewelry. Jacob Jensen Design has made the cover easy changeable and designed a selection of covers, all in the pure minimalistic design language, which has made the Jacob Jensen Design the leading entity on the international design scene for more than half a century. The Halo Smart Bracelet can even be worn as a bracelet, a brooch or a necklace by easily removing the cover from the bracelet frame.

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