Project: "Favela United"
Designer(s): TWG Liam Thurston, Martin Miskelly, Rob Domagala, Canada
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: In March 2015, TSN (Canadaís Sports Leader) sent a production team to Brazil to explore how soccer is impacting the lives of young women living in these neighbourhoods. Amid the gunfire, girlsí soccer programs here offer hope, and an escape from being forced into the drug trade. Commissioned as part of TSNís FIFA Womenís World Cup 2015 programming, Favela United marks TSNís entry into the world of longform digital experiences. Produced by TSN and TWG, the piece demonstrates the true potential of the digital canvas as a tool for meaningful editorial sports storytelling. The multi-platform site shines brightest when viewed on the web, where readers can take full advantage of the powerful transitions and narrative effects. Hand-drawn, custom typography features throughout, mimicking the haphazard architecture of Rioís hillside slums. The creative mirrors the arc of the story: Starting dark and moving towards a hopeful conclusion.

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