Project: "Penfolds Grange Magnum Project"
Company:forceMAJEURE Design
Designer(s): forceMAJEURE Design CREDITS: Creative Director: Lorena Seminario Art Director: Alex Boulware Art Director/ 3D: Marco Leone Production Director: Linda Tseng , United States
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: A heritage icon for South Australia, Penfolds Grange is recognized as the ultimate in luxury wine. The 2010 vintage celebrates 60 consecutive releases, and required a gift box to reflect The Grange's luxury proposition and time-honored vinicultural expertise. We were tasked with creating an iconic, luxury and impactful presentation pack to house The Grange's Magnum bottle and deliver upon the characteristics of a luxury brand - the history and story, the scarcity, the materials, the precision and attention to detail. Penfolds focused on the timeline concept to celebrate the variantís unbroken line of 60 vintages. Dedicated to its creator, Max Schubert, the timeline featured a ritual opening starting at 1951 and unlocking the sleek lacquered gift box at the 2010 release date. Once the box is opened, it displays the iconic Grange Magnum bottle within a bold red frame, with supporting timeline, event, and accolade milestones included in the interior.

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