Project: "Shadowbrook 3D Printed Faucet"
Company:DXV by American Standard
Designer(s): DXV by American Standard, United States
Category: Home Interior Products, Professional
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Entry Description: The Shadowbrook faucet is part of the first-ever collection of 3D printed metal faucets, created using Direct Metal Laser Sintering, a revolutionary additive manufacturing process. While this technique has been used to create plastic prototypes for years, these are the first ready-for- market residential faucets printed in metal. The faucet is printed using a computer-guided laser beam that fuses powdered metal into the desired shape with high heat and pressure. In revival of the tradition of bespoke craftsmanship, the faucet is then hand-finished by an artisan who gives it a rich, fine patina and feel that mimics the texture found on antique silver pieces. As water flows from the Shadowbrook faucet, it is presented as a stream bouncing on rocks in a riverbed. The poetic effect of this organic water flow was achieved through the meticulous adjustment of each of its 19 waterways, a significant triumph of Computational Fluid Dynamic technology.

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