Project: "CMYK Magazine"
Company:kapiolani community college
Designer(s): Hyela Lee, United States
Category: Multimedia, Student
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Entry Description: CMYK Magazine publishes the largest showcase of emerging artists and designers in Inspiring Creative print. My goal was redesign a well-organized and contemporary-looking website that draws users’ interest at the first-sight. For visual interest, I used a vivid video background, but for the legibility, the video gets dark quickly when it’s focused.

About the Designer/Company
MARINE LANE Design Intern NY, NY. 01/2016–Present KCC STAR Ambassador / Graphic designer Honolulu, HI. 11/2015–02/2016 IKAYZO.INC Design Intern Honolulu, HI. 10/2015–12/2015 NOMURA DESIGN Design Intern Honolulu, HI. 06/2015–10/2015 SUDOKREW Design Intern Honolulu, HI. 06/2015–08/2015 MIXHAWAII MAGAZINE Editor and Ad Sales Honolulu, HI. 10/2011–10/2012