Project: "Stereoscope.co"
Designer(s): Ryan Klafuric, Canada
Category: Multimedia, Student
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Entry Description: The idea that the more time a person spends online, the less sociable they become isn't particularly new anymore, yet even though this problem has existed for some time, it remains largely unaddressed. For my thesis project, I spent three months researching the psychological facets of this problem and compiling a thesis report, then spent another three months creating a design solution. My research, building on the theories of Harold M. Proshansky, Abbe K. Fabian and Robert KÓminoff coupled with the design teachings of Don Norman suggested that youth who fail to have strong and repeated experiences involving physical spaces that are personalized, accessible and private are more likely to develop social shortcomings as they age. To address this, I designed and coded a web app that allows users to create accounts as well as personalized, private and accessible virtual reality spaces that resemble/simulate actual physical spaces. Final Product: http://www.stereoscope.co Full Process: http://www.ryanklafuric.com/stereoscope

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