Project: "Museum of Sound"
Designer(s): Pratt Institute, United States
Category: , Student
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Entry Description: There are many great sound art works and installations yet thereís no place that is dedicated to the sound art. Museum of Sound is a Museum that aims for the display and promotion of sound art and sound installation as well as a performance space for sound artists. The site of this museum is located in Chelsea and itís right by the Highline. I take the pause moments of Highline and the resonance implied in Karheinze Stockhausenís music as inspiration to design the space. I create many stop moments and in each stop moment people will see the view differently or hear a different sound art. I also try to make people experience the resonance of sound in the space. This museum of sound strives to bring a new experience to appreciate sound art in this Museum of sound through pause and resonance.

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