Project: "Portable Laptop Bag"
Designer(s): Huiyu Yang, United States
Category: Other Products designs, Student
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Entry Description: In this high-tech era, working with laptops is essential. Especially people who work in the big city. With office spaces becoming increasingly flexible, and working remotely a common occurrence, the portable office is of immense value. This portable laptop bag is a mobile workstation which folds out to protect the screen from reflections as well as prying eyes, guaranteeing the userís isolation and concentration when travelling or working in an open-plan office. When you pack up all the necessities that go along with it, like your laptop, its charger, pens, a notepad, papers, etc., youíre equipped with a mini office. It will be your timesaver when you are in rush because it only takes two seconds transform a bag to a mobile workstation, saving time to pack and unpack all your essentials. The portable laptop bag expands to produce a private office space that can be used anywhere.

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