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Designer(s): Samar Altarteer, Interactive media, animation and visualisation , Saudi Arabia
Category: Multimedia, Student
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Entry Description: An advert where the story takes place in a hazelnut chocolate's factory managed by chocolate ladies. These particular ladies work as a team in order to choose first the best hazelnut among the candidates and then marry him to the princess of the chocolates to create the best hazelnut spread chocolate. The challenges hazelnuts go through are different types of examinations to find the stronger, younger and healthier hazelnut. After achieving all the required skills that qualified them to be the desired groom for the princess of the chocolates and marry her, the product created from that union is called CHOCOBONDUGS. First, hazelnuts have been checked by the maid chocolates in a checkpoint and photos have been taken for the profile. The second point consists of a floor of four investigation rooms supplied with LCD screens to show the the results at different periods of time.

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