Project: "Golden Harvest Fanling"
Company:ARTTA Concept Studio
Designer(s): ARTTA Concept Studio, Hong Kong
Category: Other Interior designs, Professional
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Entry Description: Golden Harvest Fanling is a boutique cinema that is situated in a quiet corner of Fanling with a bold and distinctive statement. This is shown by infusing bold characteristics and materials such as bright neon signage on the facade, special signage filled with light bulbs and surrounding the interior with back lit lights. We have exaggerated the look of this cinema by giving it a rebirth, from something that started off dull and boring to a whole new, lively and exciting cinema. This is an original design with an individual character that catches your attention even before you step inside, making the customers wander in imagination.

About the Designer/Company
ARTTA CONCEPT STUDIO LTD based in Hong Kong, Artta Concept Studio was established in 2010 as a result of the Founder Arthur Tang’s ambition to create a multidisciplinary practice encompassing interior design, architecture and spatial management. At Artta Concept Studio, we are a team of young and passionate talents offering professional services by starting every project with a thorough understanding of its market strategy. The team then works out a branding system applied on the best design solution incorporating innovative ideas with the client’s vision, and most importantly, to help the project achieving its commercial success.