Project: "Joo De Rolls "
Company:ARTTA Concept Studio
Designer(s): ARTTA Concept Studio, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: A combination of adorable and ladylike with a hint of class and elegance for a fresh design within this Japanese-French dessert house. The main colours used are mint green, peach and grey-blue to enhance a sweet and harmonised environment. A touch of rose gold is used around the tables to create a luxurious finish. The logo is inspired by the shop name - Jo? de Rolls, with 'Jo?' meaning queen in Japanese. Therefore we have interpreted this by using their main seller - Churros, to create a crown-like shape. The patterns used around the interior enhances the Japanese and French fusion, creating an individual concept. The additional floor-to-ceiling windows helps let in natural lighting to create a warm ambience. As well as creating a welcoming atmosphere by having the counter situated at the entrance to lure customers in.

About the Designer/Company
ARTTA CONCEPT STUDIO LTD based in Hong Kong, Artta Concept Studio was established in 2010 as a result of the Founder Arthur Tang’s ambition to create a multidisciplinary practice encompassing interior design, architecture and spatial management. At Artta Concept Studio, we are a team of young and passionate talents offering professional services by starting every project with a thorough understanding of its market strategy. The team then works out a branding system applied on the best design solution incorporating innovative ideas with the client’s vision, and most importantly, to help the project achieving its commercial success.