Project: "DriAir"
Company:Savannah College of Art and Design
Designer(s): Vitaliy Pankov, Hannah Carlson, Archana Mani Srinivasan and Meghan Preiss, United States
Category: Home Interior Products, Student
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Entry Description: Having conducted primary and secondary research, the team focused on addressing two main issues common among the current hair dryers: portability and outdated aesthetics, which are mostly dictated by the layout of internal components. Our team redefined the shape of the hairdryer based on the current and potential technological innovations, such as induction charging. The result: lightweight, compact, and ergonomic, DriAir is a perfect travel companion to every woman. Every curve was designed with a foresight and precision to retain the design intent. It is minimal due to its simple and pure shape that is easily held by hand. Size, light weight, and portable nature of it make it an easy travel option. To further emphasize this, it is battery operated and can be charged by induction charging. The motto while designing it was long lasting and low maintenance.

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