Project: "Cannes Lions Survival Kit"
Company:Phoenix The Creative Studio
Designer(s): Fouad Mallouk, Canada
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Cannes Lions has always been a popular event, but in recent years itís been more popular than ever. This means that itís difficult to stand out there. Thereís a lot of noise and options for attendees to choose from, and we wanted cut through the clutter and reach decision makers at brands and agencies. 1,000 kits were delivered to senior marketers at brands, agencies, and publishers. GumGum was able to achieve 150 meetings on their boat who were drawn there by the kits. We expanded GumGumís brand awareness to a number of executives who previously hadnít heard of the company.

About the Designer/Company
You can look at what we do in a couple of ways. Some describe us as a human-scale studio whose artisans design interactions to generate emotions and connect with brands. Others believe we create the alchemy of inspiration from mixing the blood of a design team with the ashes of the phoenix. Flip a coin and see which one you get. It landed on the edge, didn't it... Technology, specifically the internet and its digital derivatives, have been accepted and adopted globally. Yet somehow, people and businesses still underestimate its power and ROI. Furthermore, they have trouble keeping up with consumers’ new expectations and fast-changing markets. This is where we come into play. By merging interaction and emotion, Phoenix The Creative Studio creates brand experiences that engage people. How? By reinventing them for the new interactive age, breaking with industry standards, and keeping them relevant and enjoyable so people connect through them. Because when you connect with people, people let their guards down. The fact is that our creative audacity and technical prowess have already won more than 70 major awards and over 300 international mentions for the work we've done on behalf of our clients. Winning is an addictive habit. So talk to us. Before you know it, you'll be addicted too.