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Project: "Rosemoo Office: From Nature "
Designer(s): Chief Designer: Cui Shu Design Company: Cun-Design , China
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Entry Description: Rosemoo is one of the rare but well-known women’s clothing brands in China, the inspiration of its design comes from the natural charm of Chinese culture with its motto “Made for the natural you” which highly inspires our design. We live in nature, yet it also shapes our behavior. It signifies truth and modesty, and our designers obey such principles. In an environment consisting various directions, we tend to feel a sense of loss in both time and space. Naturalistic feeling is far more important than imitation of nature. Bamboo is vital in compartmentalizing different zones. It is important to divide the 3000? of office environment into various individual areas according to their unique functions. Also a sense of humble and natural could be felt in this space formed by bamboos to make people feel comfortable and nice. This might be a symbol without “symbol” which conveys a feeling of beauty.

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