Designer(s): Sofia Moreno-Marcos, Australia
Category: Haute Couture, Student
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Entry Description: Sofia’s Peruvian heritage was the main inspiration for her graduate couture collection called: ACLLAHUASI, which means House of the Chosen Women in Quechua language, “This collection is a celebration to my heritage and an ode to my Peruvian roots, the embroidery and beading were carefully hand made by skilled artisans in Cusco-Peru, natural fibres such as sheep wool and alpaca on denim, beautifully mixed with silk organza and hand sewn details. ACLLAHUASI also features draping volume and shaping techniques to incorporate an oriental influence in a complimenting way, which is very prominent nowadays in the Peruvian Culture. This collection was made and designed in Australia where Sofia studies at the Queensland University of Technology.

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