Project: "No Passo de Caymmi"
Company:Diogo Montes
Designer(s): Diogo Montes, United States
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Visual identity for Brazilian samba band Casuarina’s album celebrating the 100th anniversary of music legend Dorival Caymmi. To celebrate Caymmi’s legacy, Casuarina stripped down the recording sessions with barely any post-production, yet with evident attention to details in its beautifully polished, highly sophisticated arrangements. So the artwork had to: 1. Artistically mirror the band's artisanal, but extremely refined, musical choices. 2. Abstractly represent the dichotomy in Caymmi's work: simplicity vs. sophistication, ingenuity vs. slyness. 3. Differentiate this special project from the previous Casuarina album identities. At the end the artwork achieved sophistication through simplicity, being consistent with the record's artisanal musical style. All artwork was drawn by hand. In an abstract way, its curvy and crafty elements represent recurrent themes in Caymmi’s music: Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, the African influence, the sea, the samba, the femininity, the laziness and, of course, Caymmi himself.

About the Designer/Company
Hello! I'm Diogo, a Brazilian Associate Creative Director (Art & Design) freelancing from NYC. I love what I do. I love coming up with ideas, creating visual identities, exploring looks & feels, and I love doing it by being hands-on or by directing a team of diversified talents. Whatever it is, I love it even more if I’m working for the Arts & Culture industry. My work was always fundamentally detail-oriented. My focus on craft and passion for solving visual and conceptual problems naturally led every step of my career. From the very beginning working for award-winning creative shops in Rio to my freelance career in NYC doing multidisciplinary work for agencies and direct clients.