Project: "Brasil SummerFest"
Company:Diogo Montes
Designer(s): Diogo Montes, United States
Category: Multimedia, Professional
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Entry Description: Recreating Brasil SummerFest’s visual language and web experience. I wanted to create a fun and stimulating identity to personify the festival’s amazing vibe, translating the indescribable energy that fuels Brazilian culture into powerful visuals. Its look and feel combines Brazil, New York, music and summer in an unexpected way. Brasil SummerFest’s color scheme avoids the widely known Brazilian colors that are expected in Brazilian-themed festivals. It uses the green, yellow and blue as a starting point, changing their original hues and expanding on them to create a sense of uniqueness. The color scheme, the photography treatment and the quirky graphic elements combined create an ownable look and feel that visually unifies the different artists into one single Brasil SummerFest style.

About the Designer/Company
Hello! I'm Diogo, a Brazilian Associate Creative Director (Art & Design) freelancing from NYC. I love what I do. I love coming up with ideas, creating visual identities, exploring looks & feels, and I love doing it by being hands-on or by directing a team of diversified talents. Whatever it is, I love it even more if I’m working for the Arts & Culture industry. My work was always fundamentally detail-oriented. My focus on craft and passion for solving visual and conceptual problems naturally led every step of my career. From the very beginning working for award-winning creative shops in Rio to my freelance career in NYC doing multidisciplinary work for agencies and direct clients.