Project: "SKYNET"
Company:KLID ( Kris Lin International Design)
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Design ideation History: Initially a fishing village, Shanghai was established as a commercial port in the Qing Dynasty and became a major trade port afterwards.After the Shanghai port was forced to open, the imperialists invaded Shanghai and set concessions here, building a large number of buildings and facilities. For more than a century, Shanghai was the paradise of foreign adventurers and invaders. After hundreds of years of development, it has now become a world famous metropolitan city. Design techniques Joggling technique: Joggling is a technique frequently used in traditional buildings of China. It is the gem human wisdom. Joggling is a joint method that inserts tenon into mortice hole or mortice groove. It is a fundamental jointing method for classical Chinese furniture and modern furniture, as well as a main jointing method for modern framework furniture.

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