Project: "Monte Carlo Yachts 80"
Company:Monte Carlo Yachts
Designer(s): Naval architecture & engineering: Monte Carlo Yachts Exterior & interior design: Nuvolari Lenard , Italy
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: At 24 meters, the new MCY 80 takes its place on the podium as the third largest yacht in the collection and delivers pure cruising pleasure alongside an unparalleled ride and comfort experience. With smooth exterior lines and shaped bulwarks which enhance the level of light and space across the main deck, the MCY 80 boasts a curvy, modern look without being too sharp or minimalistic. Signature elements include a class–leading entertainment foredeck and Portuguese bridge that no other yacht in this size category can match. Like with the other yachts in the collection, an instant sense of spaciousness both inside and out becomes immediately apparent upon boarding the MCY 80. The main saloon and the cabins are flooded with natural light and offer lushly appointed and detailed spaces. The brushed and bleached oak floorings found throughout set an elegant ambiance that is further enhanced by precious leather and stone features.

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