Project: "TerraCopter EVO"
Designer(s): Protocol Design Team, United States
Category: Toy Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Invigorate your inner child with Protocol TerraCopter RC drone. Four wheels let you operate this drone on the ground, and it takes to the air when you opt to control its four blades. A remote with an LCD screen provides easy navigation, and durable material helps prevent damage to this Protocol TerraCopter RC drone from hard impacts.

About the Designer/Company
Protocol takes ambitious, luxury-level aircrafts and brings them within reach of any pilot who is bold enough to Fly First. We provide high-performance drones to pilots of all skill levels, and embrace clever, “what-if” advances that take us to thrilling new heights. We go to where the real action is…and when it comes to innovation, we’re already there. Protocol. Fly First.