Project: "Mr . Chiu Residence"
Company:Setmund Leung Design Ltd
Designer(s): Setmund Leung Kam Biu, Hong Kong
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: The couple of the house has different tastes in home style. The host likes modern western design while the hostess prefers simple Japanese style with a heavy east ocean favor. Therefore, we decide to take a Crossover and bring out unique style seen recently. In the dinning room set a high bar with pillars and a suspended shed which displays the simple Japanese style and creates an atmosphere of sweetness. The abstruse pattern of land, platform, cloud and stone echoes the side-lamp grains of the suspended shed in the dinning room. As for the furniture set in the living room, it is more about a sense of modern western style. Uniquely-shaped ceiling is the pointing position in the living room, decorated with a huge volume of crystal and funny stuff, which becomes the bridge connecting two different kinds of styles. Blue color is chosen for the boys’ rooms, representing hobbies and age

About the Designer/Company
Setmund Leung is international famous designer, He had gained many international awards and his own publications and collected by all public libraries. And interviewed by Hong Kong and overseas professional magazines, newspapers and TV channels ; Design always exhibited in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Canada and South Korea etc.