Project: "CHAO Hotel"
Company:GD-Lighting Design
Designer(s): Lighting Design: GD-Lighting Design Chief Designer: Yenchin Wang (IALD Professional Member) Design Team: Tim Cheng, Hui Ren, Xin Qi Photographer: He Shu, China
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: CHAO is a boutique-style renovation hotel located in the bustling downtown Beijing. We use a diversified space strategy to present the historical charm and vitality of times. In contrary with the cold architectural style, the entrance doorway design chooses low temperature warm yellow light to attract passengers with the warmth. Lighting design for public space also breaks traditional boundaries. The pixel- like fabric ceiling design has become the focus. Through the linear backlight treatment, the entire ceiling floats up forming a post-modernist painting. Sunlight Hall is the most chic space: lighting designs for simplicity, avoiding destruction of the top space’s permeability. There is no downlight used in the architectural ceiling. The space aesthetics is fully revealed by wall luminaires on both sides which provide an impressive range of possibilities for a variety of events or art exhibitions.

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