Project: "Pliant CrewCom"
Designer(s): BOLTGROUP, United States
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: Pliant CrewCom is a flexible intercom system that allows sports teams, production crews, and industrial workers to communicate effortlessly. The CrewCom belt pack is the elegant and powerful device at the heart of the system. The design balances a robust, durable enclosure with highly tactile, precision controls. The beltpack is designed with a wrapping, overmolded protective frame. Extended guards protect the controls from impacts or inadvertent contact. Silicone gaskets seal out water and dust. The assembly was tested and optimized for drop and water resilience via iterative prototypes. It's robust enough to survive punishing environments including football stadiums and off-shore oil rigs. Like the underlying technology, the new belt pack is flexible: 4 different SKUs, each with different feature sets and interface components, all from the same base tooling. It packs a ton of industry leading technology into the world’s smallest, and easiest to use, intercom belt pack.

About the Designer/Company
BOLTGROUP We are creative designers, strategists, engineers, and innovators. We have spent the last three decades helping U.S. manufacturers to define meaningful innovation, and to deliver products and solutions that improve their customers’ lives. Whether you need new ideas to inspire customers, compelling design to evolve current product lines, or disruptive innovation to transform your category, we’ll apply our skill and expertise to do what we do best: Create Products That People Love. Central to everything we do is the experience that well-designed products, rooted in the principles of Human-Centered Design, will be embraced by customers and end-users alike. These are the people who need to love your products. Do it right, and they will gush about you to friends, neighbors, and co-workers—and never stop.