Project: "The Tranquility"
Company:Vstudio Limited
Designer(s): Vstudio Limited Vanessa Ng, Hong Kong
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: Combines two apartments into a refine home set in monochrome hues for a sixties couple to live their retirement in style. Conveniently located in Happy Valley, the property was formerly two flats but now transformed into one spacious space consisting of a formal living / dining area, a family room, two bedrooms and a kitchen. Master bedroom ensuite, complete with a study and a commodious bathroom. Rather than closing off each subsection with walls, we use glass panels to maintain a sense of openness, allowing light to travel to all areas of the suite. As with the rest of the property, the suite feels light and airy. With Sweeping views of lush, verdant hills, happy valley and the city beyond, giving a sense of tranquility in the centre of the city.

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