Project: "Muscat Duty Free"
Company:Brand Creative
Designer(s): Brand Creative, United Arab Emirates
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: ATU and Heinemann approached us to design an ‘Omani landscape inspired’ concept for the retail experience within the new Muscat airport’s Duty Free. With such a theme being so prevalent in the region, it was our challenge to ensure our approach was innovative and inspiring. The distinctive frankincense tree was a starting point for the core store concepts, where we referenced its unique bark and foliage to create an overall architectural language within the large volume of space. We studied the intricacies of the locally worn male headwear (Kummah) to develop Arabic patterns within the perforated ceilings and fixtures, enhancing the design with theatrical backlighting. Furthermore, the Omani rose inspired the frequent geometric shapes & elegant materials that feature throughout the design. Advanced technologies such as motion sensor responsive screens, holograms and computerized facial mapping systems were interjected to add an experiential element and balance the nature-inspired surroundings.

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