Project: "Sisters Beauty Salon Dubai Mall"
Company:Brand Creative
Designer(s): Brand Creative, United Arab Emirates
Category: Other Interior designs, Professional
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Entry Description: The interior of the Sisters flagship salon alludes to the luxury hospitality industry, creating a “beauty hotel” concept that compliments their tagline ‘Glamour has a new address.’ To endure the daily wear and tear within a salon, key materials are durable, hygienic and easy to maintain whilst upholding a luxurious finish to adhere to the premium atmosphere. The salon and nail room seating feature pearlescent, anti-microbial vinyl, whilst walls in high traffic areas are protected by vinyl wall coverings and porcelain tile. Separated by semi-sheer curtains, three circular ‘pods’ in the nail room allow clients to receive treatments within the privacy of their own area. Chocolate hued fabrics were strategically placed and offset by pops of colorful artwork by artist Cate Parr to detract the appearance of stains and daily usage. The resulting concept is a seamless blend of beauty and functionality, a premium destination for clients and staff alike.

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