Project: "Discovering Connections exhibit design"
Company: Kiyomi, LLC
Designer(s): Kiyomi, United States
Category: Print, Professional
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Entry Description: Discovering Connections explores the rich history of Jackson County, Mississippi, from pre-history to the 20th century. It features information about the La Pointe-Krebs House (the oldest confirmed structure in the Mississippi River Valley), the building methods used in its construction, and the people who built and occupied it over the years. Kiyomi established branding and developed an exhibit design that brings the stories and people of Jackson County to life through bold graphics and bright colors. The exhibit, which opened in July 2016, occupies 900 square feet of a building built adjacent to the historic house in the 1980s. Kiyomi’s design incorporates the existing ceiling, linoleum flooring, and prefabricated modular walls. Wallcovering, graphic panels, custom object cases, and interactive elements were applied throughout the space to transform the multi-purpose building into a gallery. Kiyomi collaborated with Luckett Communications, which researched this history of Jackson County and developed the exhibit narrative.

About the Designer/Company
Kiyomi is a creative studio founded in January 2013 by Heidi Flynn Barnett and Robin C. Dietrick. Kiyomi is dedicated to crafting outstanding books and exhibitions that provide meaningful and transformative experiences for clients and their audiences. Kiyomi provides design, editorial, curatorial, and project management services for creating publications and/or environments. Barnett and Dietrick have more than forty years of combined experience in communication design, publication design and production, and exhibition development. This range of professional experience offers clients the opportunity for design synergy across entire projects, from exhibition to catalogue to collateral material. Kiyomi provides a personal touch, along with professional insight, helping clients achieve their project goals, from concept to completion. Kiyomi is based in Jackson, Mississippi, and has completed projects not only in its home state, but also in Memphis, Atlanta, and Washington.