Project: "Consuming Instinct"
Company:Studio Renate Boere
Designer(s): Studio Renate Boere, Netherlands
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: Studio Renate Boere designed the daring artist book ‘Consuming Instinct, Gurt Swanenberg’ that shows the complete works of artist Gurt Swanenberg for the first time. The design of typography, image and binding refers to the garish advertising leaflets, displaying their wares.  The book is a critical translation of the consuming nature of humans. In his art Gurt Swanenberg combines natural objects and decadence to create a reflection of our modern sin. Studio Renate Boere has chosen to support the work of Gurt Swanenberg with visual references from the past, such as the ‘wunderkammers’, as contemporary references like supermarkets and many publicity tricks to persuade consumers. In three years time the book evolved into a spectacular designed artist book that displays a different view on the consuming world. Don’t miss the first edition! buy it now! authors: Gurt Swanenberg, Hans November, Ad de Visser, Jan van Laarhoven publisher: Jap Sam Books ISBN: 9789490322762 size: 24.1 x 31.2 cm pages: 88 language: English/Dutch

About the Designer/Company
Renate Boere (1970) is a graphic designer, organiser and lecturer. After finishing her study (1990-1995) at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague she worked as a free-lancer for large studios, such as Studio Dumbar and 2D3D. She built her own circle of client network, mainly in the social and cultural sector and initiated projects, together with various artists and designers. Since 1998 she’s got her own studio. In 2000 Renate Boere started teaching graphic design at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam. She is also a programmer at Zefir 7 BNO kring Den Haag, which organizes monthly lectures on design. In September 2011 together with Ed van Hinte she started DRS22, an institute for design research. Here experienced designers together with starting creatives investigate public space design, building and construction, around themes in all areas that colour our existence.