Project: "Condessa"
Company:Pedro Quintela Studio
Designer(s): Pedro Quintela, Portugal
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: This design was inspired in a profound divagation of looking to the same scketches from different perspectives. By turning them around and around, through an instinctive creative process, slowly was found it particular organic shape with the desire to create a chair with various resting surfaces that can be found through a continue rotation of the object. Through a holistic approach the conceived design resulted in a synthetized gesture that meets the needs and comfort of todays life style.The Studio believes that design based on sincerity is what creates art. Devotedly responding to specific questions, not resorting to previous solutions.

About the Designer/Company
The Pedro Quintela Studio it’s a platform to develop and share the work of its founder, Pedro Quintela. Architect with an assumed artistic soul, admirer of the miracle of life, time and ephemeral; witness its creativity through alchemy and harmony. Through its Holistic concept, it Design main focus its about working disorganized energies, using, assimilating and organizing them to form a specific structure with identity, creating beauty, truth and value. The Studio is a firm believer in the art that develops as a process of evolution, as with nature, connected in three phases: adaptation (immediate responses of the object and place); transformation (reflection) and crystallization (creation). Just going through this process, consider a work to be authentic and respectful to the The Spirit of the Place.