Project: "NVIDIA® SPOT™ "
Company:Nvidia Corporation
Designer(s): Jason Su, Heidi Lim, Nathan Kwak, Zoey Zhao, and Ranger Zhao, United States
Category: Media and Home Electronics, Professional
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Entry Description: NVIDIA® SPOT™ is the perfect companion for your NVIDIA SHIELD™ TV. Now, you can communicate and control your smart home from anywhere in your home. Just plug SPOT into any outlet and enjoy ambient virtual assistant experience with Google Assistant’s advanced voice search. SPOT doubles as a Wi-Fi extender. Ask to SHIELD to play movies, TV shows, music, weather updates, news stories, sports scores, set alarms, and much more. SPOT uses a built-in far-field and beamforming microphone, pulses to let you know it’s hearing you, and responds with a high-fidelity bass-reflex speaker. And it takes advantage of the advanced NVIDIA Tegra® technology to continuously improve its accuracy and speech recognition.

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