Project: "Gordonís Holiday Catalog"
Company:Someone Creative
Designer(s): Someone Creative, United States
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Entry Description: We have been helping Boston-area bastion Gordonís Fine Wines & Liquors refine their brand to bring in consistency and a more quality aesthetic. Taking a more agile approach to this client, we decided to seize the opportunity and use the catalog design project as a way to starting working out the design aesthetic we wanted to achieve for the overall brand. Some of the finer points include broader, more refined typography, expanded color palette and a few small design elements to serve as cohesive touches. For the holiday catalog, we presented a concept that broke the mold of the industry and even client expectations: textures and depth rather than white backgrounds and silhouetted products. The photography team worked magic shooting the scenes we styled/art directed. Once the beautifully toned images came back, we constructed our layout, and after a few minor edits, we had quick client approval.

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