Project: "Xi'an InCity"
Company:GARDE CO., LTD.
Designer(s): GARDE CO., LTD. , Kenji Muro , Arata Saito, Japan
Category: , Professional
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Entry Description: After studying the psychology of Xi’an Incity customers, we understood that they yearn for a place that would be fashionable, stylish and most of all unique. Those three keywords translated in architectural terms led to our design concept: a contemporary, sophisticated but yet interactive space. Xi'an Incity environment design is made to be contemporary while the choice of colors and special attention paid to details create a sophisticated atmosphere. We focused on the configuration of each parts' curves. They are made to look like if they were all connected, as if the design was actually a one-stroke sketch. We focused on making the design homogeneous and harmonious. The signs design and event spaces are made so the whole shopping mall would awaken the playful spirit of customers. This transforms the place into an interactive space for them to enjoy at their fullest their shopping time at Xi'an Incity.

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