Project: "Sea Change Exhibit"
Designer(s): Charlie and Nancy McMillan, McMillan Group, Exhibit Designers and Executive Producers, United States
Category: Interior Design, Professional
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Entry Description: McMillan Group designed an exhibit for Mystic Seaport Museum called “Sea Change.” Ten selected artifacts reflect sea-born transformations. The objectives were to honor the dramatic interior, to be minimal in presentation, to meet a range of audience interests and to make the featured objects heroes. To tie all objects to the sea, the design solution included a variety of abstract sail shapes towering up to 20’. These bold curved forms served to define the space, create backdrops for each object and to compliment the gallery height. Each “sail” provides a “canvas” to project visual stories about each object. To tie the overall theme together, on a high “sail” at the entrance, guests choose between (4) different states of the sea. This dramatic interaction embraced the entirety of the vast range of objects, by showing differences in the sea itself.

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